Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Main types of Activity:

Water Supply:

1. Construction & rehabilitation of water yards, hand pumps and Hafirs with geophysical survey.

2. Train Water Yard operator on Operation and Maintenance (O&M(

3. Training of community water committees on O&M of hand pumps.

4. Formulation & training of community water committees.

Sanitation Management:

5. Facilitate construction of household's latrines with communities using CLTS/ CATS.

6. Construction & rehabilitation of public & institutional latrines.

7. Solid Waste Management.

8. Provision of sanitary tools.

Hygiene Promotion:

9. Training of community hygiene promotion volunteers.

10. Training & establishment of school hygiene clubs.

11. Formulation & training of women groups on hygiene promotion.

12. Organization of clean up campaigns.

13. Distribution of hygiene kits.

14. Using of Drama & songs for hygiene promotion.