Leadership/ Management

HOPE Sudan is applying a unique set of leadership good practices guides and values but there are many other guiding principles to be incorporated in the organization working sphere in order to create more dynamic communal mechanisms for best decision making options. HOPE Sudan is managed through:

1. General Assembly.

2. Board of Director.

3. Executive Management (Staff).

The organization’s General Assembly has a well-defined role in the constitution. Despite the Board of Director, members have roles and duties defined in the constitution. Board of Director has a supervisory role to oversee the overall progress made and provides directional guidance to the Executive Management members, the Board of Director is providing invaluable communication channel to HOPE Sudan to reach advocacy and fund raising objectives. Employees have well-defined roles and duties reflecting in their job descriptions and have highly commitment of it's, in order of the efficient and effective implementation of organization activities and projects. 

HOPE Sudan has an installed administrative and financial system which enables the organization to smoothly run its sectors and projects through Project Cycle Management (PCM), the organization may make minor changes to the system in accordance with the policies and procedures of organization partners and according to roles and responsibilities of each partner. During the organization life time very minor changes have been made to the system primarily because on-going programs did not allow dramatic changes and also because in the very most of all times the system was functioning as it was expected.

Due to the expected programmatic horizontal and vertical expansion and the expected changes to the administrative and financial systems to be in line with the partners' system, HOPE Sudan Board of Director has made a decision to implementation organization development plan to include lessons learnt during the previous period and introduce new flexible advanced system enabling experience sharing and providing the best possible support to the sectors.