Improvement access to Basic Health Services

Project Overview:

Project Name:

Improvement access to basic Health services for Vulnerable population in Rokoro Locality, Central Darfur State

Project Location: Central Darfur - Rokoro (North Jebel Marra)

Donor/ Partners: There is no partner and the HOPE Sudan is looking for a partner, if you are interesting for partner and support this proposal please contact the HOPE Sudan through:, or/and 

Project Duration: 12 months

Start Date: 1 January 2020

End Date: 31 December 2020

Total budget Amount: 250,000 USD

Direct Beneficiaries:



The targeted sites in Rokoro locality include 49,992 IDPs (HNO 2018) with 1,597 under GAM.

Outcome 1:

1. Provide primary care services including consultations for common diseases, free of charge consultation prescriptions, EPI, ANC, IMCI, RH and Referral services.

2. Support monthly running costs of the one health facilities including the provision of water, clinic toilet, and necessary supplies.

3. Minor Rehabilitation of 1 health facilities in Rokoro locality of Central Darfur.

4. Train medical assistants and nurses and locality MOH staff on emergency preparedness

5. Procurement of drugs, medical supplies and furniture for needy health facilities

Outcome 2:

1. Provide raining on minimum basic package of primary health care services (including maternal & child health) & support referral to secondary health care.

2. Train medical assistants and nurses on IMCI, RH Modules on collaboration with MoH, UNFPA, UNCEF

3. Provide incentives for state Ministry of Health staff including: 1 Medical Assistants, 1 Pharmacist Assistance, 2 Nurses, 4 Midwives, Nutrition, and community health promotion

4. Training of health staff on psycho-social support of Rape Victims.

5. Refresher training for health facilities personnel on basic ANC, delivery, PNC and family planning.

6. Maintain one central store for medicines supplies and RH commodities 7. Support transportation of drugs to the health facilities on monthly basis.

7. Conduct regular field monitoring on distribution and management of drugs in clinics.

8. Train medical assistants and nurses on IMCI in collaboration with MoH, UNCEF

9. Training of 20 volunteer community health promotion group in targeted community engaging community health promoters in case findings.