Capacity Development and Consultation Services

Main types of Activity:

  1. Capacity building on Organization Management package including Administrative functions, Supervision, financial management, Meeting Management, Meeting record, Time management, Communication skills, Human Recourses Management, Volunteers Management.
  2. Capacity building on Organization Development package including: Internal & External Communication, File System, Information Management, Management and Financial Policies and Procedures, Community Participatory Approach, Community Development, Fundraising and Resource Mobilization, Visibility, Leadership and Team building.
  3. Project Cycle Management (PCM), and Monitoring and Evaluation.
  4. Building a Better Response through Engagement in the International Humanitarian Architecture.
  5. Capacity building on Feedback and Complaints Mechanism.
  6. Skills of Training of Facilitators (TOF).
  7. Advisory and Consultation on Baseline Survey, Conflict Analysis, Project Evaluation.