Main types of Activity:

  1. Construction/Rehabilitation/Rapier of Classrooms.
  2. Provide semi-permanent of Classrooms.
  3. Provide Temporary Learning Space (TLS).
  4. Provide WASH facilities including hygiene promotion, latrines, hand washing facilities and safe drinking water points.
  5. Community campaigns on importance of education in general, children enrolment and education of girls.
  6. Provision of education in emergency materials including school textbooks, exercise books, equipment’s, teaching aids and recreation materials.
  7. Provide seating (desk and benches) or Plastic sheet.
  8. Establish of child clubs focusing on lifesaving psychosocial support, fine arts, drama & games, peace & protection, hygiene promotion and leadership activities.
  9. Training on Education in Emergency (EiE), child protection, Psychosocial Support Services (PSS), teaching methods and core subjects (Mathematic, English Language, Arabic Language).
  10. Training on psychosocial support services, school management, school co-management, sustainable use of natural resources.
  11. Train Parent Teachers Association (PTA) on School Management.
  12. Support and Function of non-formal/ALP education by using reflect approach.
  13. Provide School feeding for school children.