Food Security and Livelihood (FSL)

Main types of Activity:

1. Provision of agricultural inputs and services including distribution of stable crops seeds, vegetable seeds, and agricultural planting & harvesting tools.

2. Capacity Development for smallholder farmers on the usage of agricultural technologies.

3. Establish/ refresh community agricultural cooperatives and Value Chains Development.

4. Women Empowerment and Provision livelihood assets/ start-up grant on vegetable trade, Soap Making, Perfumes Making, Tailoring, Food Processing, Handcrafts, and Festival renting equipment.

5. Vocational training for youth on Welding, Auto-mechanic, Tractor repair & maintenance, Tractor & pump operator, Tricycle repair & maintenance, Mobile phone repair and maintenance, General Electricity, and Bricks Making.

6. Business training and Entrepreneurship training.

7. Village Savings & Loan Association (VSLA) and Adult Education (REFLECT approach).

8. Human Resource Development for small-scales.

9. Provision of milking goats & Provision of livestock vaccination.

10. Fishing activity.

11. Microfinance, and Income Generating Activities (IGAs).