Main types of Activity:

1. Natural resource management through community dialogue and formulate Community Based Resolution Mechanisms (CBRMs).

2. Capacity building of the actors at localities-wide and communities on Peacebuilding, Conflict Management, and Conflict Resolution.

3. Conduct Peacebuilding community outreach by using community dialogue between community leaders, youth, and women, as women coffee chat. Also, usage theatre activities, sports, film making, traditional songs & dance.

4. Peace clubs for school children.

5. Exchange for peace through sports activities.

6. Improve access to basic services and providing assets of livelihoods.

7. Consultancy for Project Cycle Management on Conflict analysis, early warning system, conflict sensitivity, DO NO Harm, and Culture Diversity Management.

8. Training workshops on:

- Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution including negotiation, conflict mitigation, conflict management,

- Conflict Transformation including peaceful coexistence, reconciliation, and Management of Anger, Greif, and Fear,

- Healing and Rebuilding our Community from Trauma,

- Alternative to Violence Projects (AVP),

- Non-violence and Interfaith Dialogue.