Vision statement:

HOPE is leading organization on the sustainable development process in Sudan through creating stability, peaceful and harmonious community with the culture of acceptance the other.

Mission statement:

HOPE is National NGO working with local communities to promote peace, stability, sustainable development through activities of Saving Life, Protection, Sustainable and Durable Solutions of humanitarian aid recovery and development, by focusing on main sectors of Peace Building, FSL, Education, Child Protection, WASH, and Health & Nutrition.

HOPE Values:

  1. Respect and acceptance of others.
  2. Volunteerism and commitment.
  3. Transparency and accountability.
  4. Participation and Cooperation.
  5. Objectivity and Professionalism.

HOPE Objectives:

  1. To enhance capacity on Conflict Mitigation, Conflict Transformation and Peace Building among community actors.
  2. To empowerment of women & Vulnerable groups and improve their livelihoods in communities affected by conflict.
  3. To improvement of the education environment and support local efforts to upgrade formal and non-formal education.
  4. To identify vulnerable children and response to emergency protection needs and family tracing & reunification.
  5. To improvement of water sources, sanitation and hygiene in areas of rural and affected by conflict.
  6. To Supporting delivery of primary health care services and maternal & child health services.
  7. To contribute in strengthen the capacity of CBOs, to improve their management and quality of performance.

HOPE Means and Methods:

  1. Training Courses, forums and conferences.
  2. Exhibitions, celebrations and symposiums.
  3. Campaigns and advocacy.
  4. Coordination and networking.
  5. Research and Social Studies.
  6. Arts, music, drama and media.
  7. Humanitarian aid, recovery and development projects.

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Contact Us

Address: Apartment (2), 2nd Floor, Building (32), Block (36), Sahafa Sharig, Khartoum – Sudan.
Telephone: +249-1223-42077